Book about user experience design for theoretical framework?

Hi everyone. Long time I didn’t post a question for the community!

I’m proposing a formal research project, within the social sciences, about the path UX design is taking, particularly in Bogotá, Colombia (where I live). I’d like to study and quote from THE user experience design book, on the project’s theoretical framework.

What book would you suggest me? I’m almost finished with The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman. The thing is it seems to be prior to all this talk about UX design, and when talking with some people, they separate UX design from human-centered design, which is the name of what Donald Norman proposes in his book.

I just checked out the Monster List of UX Book Recommendations from the UX Mastery community. The problem is that it’s precisely a monster list, so I get lost between so many titles and I can’t tell which one could be the best option for a theoretical framework. I’m particularly interested in defining UX design and retell a bit of its history with the help of this book.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!