Blog Post, the humorous side of UX


Just finished another blog post about UX design… in a humorous way.


Good read. But I have to say that cycling without going anywhere is the strangest thing ever! :slight_smile:

I highly recommend learning to bike again and start exploring your surroundings. Just your near neighborhood at first, but try going to a new place every day. I did that a few years ago and ended up going 70 kilometers in one day. Didn’t need an instructor to motivate my pedaling even though my legs felt like boiled spaghetti, I just had to keep going if I wanted to get home. Home to such luxuries as food and shelter and a soft comfy bed.


LOL! @Bleke I want to! sadly I live in a Los Angeles where riding a bike on the street can be pretty dangerous, but I’m thinking I might head down to the boardwalk one of these days and rent a beach cruiser that I can pedal on the boardwalk.


Your town is almost 500 times as large as mine. I can’t even imagine the horror. :wink:

Not sure what a boardwalk is, but I’ve heard that there is much to be said for going beneath them.


You can equate going under the boardwalk with going under the bleachers during a high school sport meet. LOL


Just came to think of another time I was on my way back from a bicycle trip in strong headwind. I was warm and out of breath and decided to lie down for a while on the embankment where there was shadow. The bicycle kept falling over because of the wind and eventually I just let it lie on the ground. But then I had to deal with worried motorists instead. “Yes, I’m fine thank you.” “No, I’m just resting” "Yes, I understand what it must look like. Thank you for your concern! "

I just had to realize that there wasn’t going to be any rest until I got home.


OMG! what a great story!! LOL


Ha. I’ve lined this up to tweet early next week. Nice work @inca431


wow, @HAWK thank you!