Betatesters wanted for my customer journey mapping software

Hi all!

I created what I like to call a CX-centered customer journey mapping software.
I’m not a UX designer myself, I’m a marketing strategist but I think UX designers may find it useful as well.

It would be really awesome if some of you could help me test the platform. Most bugs should be fixed by now (please let me know if you still find some), but it would be great to know:

  • As a UX designer, would you find this tool useful?
  • I think there’s a lot of room for UX and UI improvements. What comes up from the top of your mind?
  • Is everything in it understandable?

I’ll be happy to reward betatesters with a promocode for extended use (it currently has a 1-week free trial).

Finally, if for some reason you REALLY feel like helping, it would be even better for me to be able to conduct some live usability testing on skype with screen sharing. Please get in touch with me if you have 10-15 minutes to spare. I may be able to provide a (small) monetary incentive. Or I can teach you Italian while you test it, as you prefer :wink:

Thank you!

$80 a month would be very steep for a lot of people I think. Have you considered tiered pricing?

Hey @rachelreveley, thanks for your feedback!
My idea was to mainly target agencies rather than individuals, this is why I chose this price. I will definitely roll out a tiered model further down the line.
Any other observation or idea?


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I stopped when I saw the price TBH as I am a lone psychic unicorn working on an in-house website.

Hahhaha ok thanks anwyays @rachelreveley! you get a gold star anyways for being a unicorn :wink:

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