Best way to save and apply template to a widget?

I am working on a SAAS project where users create widgets to their websites.
One of their abilities is to create a messaging template and apply it to their widgets.

When saving a template, the user can name the template and apply it to one or several of their widgets.

Now the problem I am facing is how to save and apply the template.

Side note, as a new user in the community I can’t upload images so if someone needs to see what I’m talking about please let me know.

Option 1:
Single button “Save & Apply” which opens a modal where the user types in the name of the template and a drop down of his widgets to apply

Option 2:

Two buttons - Save Draft and apply

Each one of the buttons will open a modal:

Save draft - The user will name his template and it will be saved without being applied to the widgets

Apply - The user will apply the template he is currently working on to a single or several widgets.

Which way is most correct?

Welcome to the community @MaybeBaby! We are happy to help, but please make sure to interact with other community members and not always be asking for help. :slight_smile:

Your best option is 1, with the caveat of having an option to not apply the template.
One way is to have Not Apply in the dropdown.

There are other options as well. Try not to have modals everywhere as it slows down task progress. :slight_smile: