Best way to find problems to solve?


What is the best way to find a problem to solve? Should you browse different apps and websites to see if one is a bad experience?


Well, it depends on your goals first of all. What is the purpose behind uncovering a problem?

I sense it may be for the purpose of a personal project, for a portfolio perhaps?

I would suggest looking at the apps / websites / general things in your day to day life that you actually use and find trouble using (whether that may be a small issue or something significant). Start with that and I am sure you will uncover numerous problems from which you may choose a few problems you wish to solve.

Just my two cents.


Yea it is for personal projects to add in my portfolio. I’ll check out websites and apps to see what I can find. Thanks.


What about contacting a local school, museum or not-for-profit and see if they have anything that they need help with. You could work pro-bono in return for using it in your portfolio (and a reference).