Best tool, prototyping software for wayfinding app

If you were to build an app similar in many respects to google maps, which prototyping software would you use?

Hi Debbie and welcome :).
In terms of prototyping software do you mean for testing the behaviour etc like Axure but not actually building, or do you mean software that actually allows you to build the app?

Hi Natalie, (thanks!)
Just software to prototype and test with like Axure.

UX Mastery have a great list here :

It will depend on how much time, the costing, and the learning curve as to which tool might suit the job. Tools like Axure might be good, but it may be overly complicated for what you want.
Invision is easy to use but just has simple hotspotting so may be too simple. Sometimes tools like Keynote can fit really well in between as they have simple transitions and hotspots etc.

I would go through the list from UXmastery and compile a list of the possibilities that are in your range in terms of price, complexity, does it do what you need it to do. Then maybe try out a few? most have free trials.

Thanks Natalie, I’ll go through the list.