Best prototyping tool for menu

I created a clickable prototype of a multi-level menu last night using Sketch and Invision and it was extremely tedious. I kept thinking to myself “there must be a better way.” I’m a little out of touch with the latest and greatest for prototyping; is there anything better out there? The linking of several images seems archaic to me. I’m also trying to avoid tools such as Axure which has (at least for me) a big learning curve (have read your comments on Is Axure RP the Best Tool for Prototyping? ).

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I’m still only seeing Invision and I agree – the process is arduous and the results are often suboptimal for complicated prototypes. I’m keen to hear if there are viable alternatives as well.


Right, Twitter is telling us UXPin, Origami, Marvel or Atomic.

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Depends really on what you’re trying to achieve and what the menu does?

Like Origami, Principle app is very good for animating interactions, Justinmind is very good for forms (it’s excellent with validation) and does a much better job of linking pages together than invision although more complicated to pull together.

Could you give a bit more details on what you’re trying to do?

@jamiemswilson I’m trying to create a clickable multilevel accordion menu, where I can expand and collapse each menu item. In Invision, this took me a solid 6 hours. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right, but it was extremely tedious.

As for you mentioned the point of Short learning Curve, I recommend Mockplus. It’s code-free and you can get started right away. It’s a prototyping tool just focus on design itself rather than the tool. You can get started easily without the risk of falling into the tool’s slave by investing a lot of time and money on learning and training.
Check at

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Do you just want to show the menu animate in isolation?

I probably wouldn’t recommend Axure for accordion type menus - tends to be rather glitchy. Instead perhaps Adobe XD or invision

@jamiemswilson Yes

@tristaljing will check it out, thanks!

You can try Smart Menu

I’ve been thinking Invision studio to learn if you have mac. Else protopie.

with a menu like that, sketch/invision is fine.

if it’s just a prototype, you dont need to show every menu permutation, just a flavour of how it works

4 screens will do this i think?

  • both closed
  • first open, second closed
  • second open, first closed
  • both open
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Well this is a great topic! I have Adobe XD, Axure, Sketch, Balsamiq (don;t really use this anymore) and InVision and have wanted to clarify with both myself and my company which is best for what! Knowing what people use best for which problem is really good to know! How have people found UXPin and MockPlus and how do these all differ?