Best keyboard to use on Mobile for zipcodes



So this is a usability question/challenge that I’m facing right now regarding zip codes. Which keyboard do you think is the most appropriate keyboard to show on mobile. A “Numeric Keyboard” or a “Numeric Keyboard with special characters”.


What special characters would there be on that type of keyboard?


I can only speak on behalf of the apple keyboard because I’m not sure what the special characters are on the andriod keyboard. It’s the keyboard that you see when you click on the 123 button on your IOS device.

The characters are "- / : ; ( ) $ & @ " " etc… And I would think that if a user just needs to enter in a zip code that should need any special characters and it would be better to use the <input type="tel" pattern="[0-9]*">
which would bring up the number Keypad and only show number 0-9


I reckon, if you have a choice, that the simplest route is best. If you’re designing for US based zip codes, all you need are numbers. If you’re designing for international, you’re going to need numbers and letters.


Sounds like good advice. Is there a way to show number keypad if user selects a US address. And then show alphanumeric keypad for non US addresses?

Not sure about the special characters. Do u have any examples of zipcodes where they would be required?