Best JS Framework and Library for Interactive Animations?




I have good experience in working with graphic design software and I have recently stepped in the world of Javascript to expand my knowledge and skills. I have learned core JS programming concepts and I’m at the point that I need to choose a JS framework/library to continue with. But I feel I’m lost in the ocean of many many JS frameworks. However my research results have come down to react.js, angular.js, bootstrap and jquery.
My goal is to become able to design interactive UI animations and implement them in my designs to make them more appealing in the eyes of my customers. What framework and/or library would you suggest to accomplish this task? And in general which framework and/or library would you suggest for an UI artist?

  • I’m sorry if I have used the terms framework and library interchangeably. I have read some posts on their differences but I still feel my mind is filled with the clouds of ambiguity.


There are many JS frameworks and new plugins are popping up all the time.
From when I worked on this (>6 months ago), I’d recommend GSAP.
If you’re new to it, there is even a nifty little tutorial that gets you upto speed with its features.

You can check it out here: