Best course for learning UXDesign in Toronto,Canada/online?



Hello there,

I am so glad I found you! A whole world of UX Masters!

I have been searching high and low for a course that I can take in order to learn UXDI. I come from an art background and have no prior technical experience. I have taken up a couple of courses on Udemy one of which is Joe Natoli’s Fundamentals of UX Design. I am also going over the material on Lynda and videos on youtube.
I would like to take up a fulltime course which in your expert opinion would be a very good course to teach me the complete ins and outs of UXDI. To be honest, the more courses that I see, reviews that I read - the more confused I seem to become. Bitmaker, Brainstation, Design Lab, Coleman Walsh, Career Foundry and so on…

How do I make a portfolio and become job ready for an entry level position?
What is the best course of action? see what I did there? :rolleyes:

Thank you for reading. Please advise.


Hey @UXDIseeker – welcome on board Amy. Glad you found us too. :slight_smile:

A few answers here. Firstly, check out this article with advice from the community. It will cover off your portfolio question (and a few others).
If you want some further reading, we have an ebook on the subject also. You will have received an email offering you a discount off that when you signed up here earlier.

As far as courses go, you’re right – it’s a minefield! This thread will give you plenty of insight into (and some contacts) the DesignLab course. I’m sure any of those people will be happy to answer questions if you want to jump into the thread.

​We’re big fans of Colman’s stuff – you can read @AshleaMcKay’s review here (and there is an exclusive UXMastery discount there also).

And finally, if you haven’t already seen it, we have a list of online UX courses (some with reviews) and a [URL=“”]list of online degrees.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any additional questions.


Hello Hawk, love your username!

Thank you for a very warm welcome and providing me with all the useful information. The review of Walsh Colman looks brilliant! I also came across the Ultimate guide to usability and UX by David Travis on Udemy. Would you say both are similar?

DesignLab bootcamp looks awesome and just the thing I am aiming for - but $2799 is hard for me to come up - especially since its just started.

I would like to know the steps,techniques and direction the self taught UX Designers took on their journey? I often read that its a good thing to get mentors on board - How do I go about this?

Anyone willing to mentor me ? That sounds like asking for a lot in a busy busy world - hmmm.

Tips, suggestions, ideas are all very welcome!


Thanks! It’s actually my surname.

David Travis’ courses are very good. I would definitely recommend them. They don’t go into as much depth as some of the other programs but they are a very good introduction to the basics.

You are correct, mentors are hugely helpful, but unfortunately pretty hard to come by. There is a very good section about finding a mentor in the ebook that I mentioned above. In the mean time, we’re happy to act as your mentor here in the community. :slight_smile:

I’m not a self-taught UXer so will let someone else step in and answer that part of your question.

Another thing you could try is joining our Slack channel (where we host our Ask the UXperts sessions). That would be a good informal place to meet other UXers that might be self taught. It’s going to be an amazing session too. More info here.


Reading up info on the links. Thank you, Hawk. :slight_smile: