Best books about UX mobile design

I have a lot of experience in desktop and responsive design. But I’d love to read a good book or two on the subway about mobile design and thinking. Some I have found are dated around 2016. I’m looking for more recent ones. Any suggestions?

Designing Products People Love by Scott Hurf is a good one. It’s not specifically about mobile design but if I remember accurately most of the examples he provides and things he talks about is very mobile centric. He was a designer at Tinder at the time he wrote the book.

It’s one of the main books I recommend to people first getting into UX.

There haven’t been many new books on native app design in a while. Like you said, a lot of them are from 2016, or even earlier. I would look at Luke Wroblewski’s site as he has a lot of articles and presentations that are very useful.


Here I am providing some of them which I know about:

  • Universal Principles of Design
  • The Design of Everyday Things.
  • Start with Why.
  • Dont make me think.
  • Hooked.
  • The Lean Startup.
  • 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People.
  • Rework.