Best application for interactable mockup of desktop application

Hello. I would like to know what application is ideal for creating interactable mockups for application made in Qt for windows.
I tried Adobe XD but I did not find a way to make compoments like window which can user drag or close. Or that overlay is just one level deep. Or checkboxes that remember their state. Adobe XD seems to be made primary for simple applications for smartphones.
Maybe I am asking for too much but I never did interactable mockups before so I don’t know how powerful they are. Our application is very complex and made for Windows.
Thank you for any suggestions

Hi, Celednikov

If your APP is very complex, maybe you shoud build test version app.
In this version, put some function you need to test. Not all the APP function.
Because prototype can’t perform complex status.

Axure is very good for this. I’ve done a number of Windows desktop prototypes with it. It’s got draggable elements and you can create very complex interactions.

Axure generates an HTML prototype. If you preview it in the browser in full screen with tabs and menus switched off, the prototype fills the whole screen, so it looks like a desktop application.

Thank you a lot for good info both of you! I will surely try Axure.