Being Busy

My impression is that being disorganized and/or busy stops us from doing things we might prefer to do, or things we might value more.

If you agree, why do you agree? How do you know when you’re busy? Where do you think it comes from? What do you do?

If you don’t agree, what do you think I’m missing?

Stumbled on this tweet and agree, being busy is often our default state for whatever reason… but we really need to take a step back and be mindful of why we’re doing what we’re doing otherwise we’re gonna be caught up on the ‘busy’ treadmill to nowhere


I think you need to differentiate between being busy and the perception of being busy. If you are going through a genuinely busy time then sure, the things that we prefer to do might need to take a back seat. If it’s just the perception of being busy (“sigh, I’m so busy”) then you need to stop and reprioritise. Assign time to do those things or work out ways to fit them in.

I’m busy with two kids, a full time job and 2 part time jobs but I still make sure I find time to work on interesting projects and to get things done around my home. If you don’t do that you’re likely to get burned out or disillusioned with your work etc

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It’s easier to make the diagnosis as a 3rd party than it is to make that diagnosis for oneself. This leaves the heavy lifting to the user while in a bad place for focused deliberation.

This is a good insight though… This seems to be the parent problem, and every new moment inherits the challenge of the parent problem. “am I really busy, or do I feel busy?” I think this is what makes busyness (and other psychological states with corresponding IRL actions and rewards) so insidious, the threat can reassert itself any moment.

This is a top-level question, and it’s one I’ll have to decide whether I want to address.

This is also a very different direction than other places I asked the question. I usually get very few replies, and I appreciate them all :slight_smile:

I follow Maryam, I’m a pretty active spectator in “product twitter”

The idea that ‘being busy’ becomes part of our narrative identity is the big consensus in articles that came out around 2013 on the topic. Mindfulness is the magic word.

I think the state of digital IT is steering in the wrong direction, away from a mindfulness habit, and I’m wondering a bit less about new design patterns in place of the exhaustion of the ‘hook model’ (eg timewellspent) and more about a basic kind of “productized” solution.

thanks ya’ll !

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