Behavioural science conference



Hi all

I’m on the committee for an upcoming conference on Behaviour Change, that I thought you might all be interested. It’s in London next February.

It’s hosted by UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, and the UCL Institute of digital health. It’s a great way to learn about behavioural science. Th audience is really mixed - academics, public sector workers, and industry. The main focus is on digital, and I think UX professionals could both learn a lot from it, and bring a great deal to it.

The conference website is here:

It’s also still open for abstract submissions until the end of October. If you’ve worked on a project in the area, you should definitely consider submitting - great way to get your work out there to a different audience!

Happy to help if anyone has any questions



Wow, this looks amazingly interesting! I doubt I can get my employer to pay for a plane ticket to London, but hey-- it’s worth a shot.

One of my big goals for 2018 is to present at a conference, but as my experience lies mostly in UX niches and the business side of things, unfortunately I don’t think I’d have much to contribute. I’d love to go, it all sounds very fascinating.


Great! We’re really keen to get more submissions from people working in tech/UX industry, so do consider submitting something! There’s an option for ‘knowledge in practice’ abstracts which would probably suit you. Let me know if you’d like any advice on the abstract.


Thank you very much for the invitation! I’ll work to see if I can figure out something to submit.

The talk I’m currently preparing revolves more around the different niches available to UX professionals, like UX design for tv apps, virtual reality, video games, adult content websites, automotive applications, etc. My goal has been to make UXers aware that these disciplines exist as areas of personal and professional growth.

The only thing I could think to submit for the conference is a talk about how the context of technology use in these fields affects our decision making processes. The difficulty I’d have is that I’m far from an expert in the field, or really any of the UX niches described above. I don’t have the bandwidth to do any actual testing on these pieces on my own, and as most of these fields are emerging niches, not much has been written about them from a UX perspective. What I’d have to go on would be my own general UX knowledge, interviews with the few experts that I can find (in some cases there are no generally recognized experts,) and the limited academic writings I’m able to run down on the topics.

My fear is that this would fall short of the bar set for most presentations at the conferences, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Nice! It would definitely be a unique angle, and it sounds really
interesting. Yes, there is a concern that there wouldn’t be sufficient
research content, but that’s up to the committee. I guess it depends how
much effort it is to pull it together. if you’re already preparing this
anyway, then definitely submit it. if it would take you days/weeks to
prepare, it’s up to you as to whether you think it’s worth it!


Preparing an abstract is pretty academic at this point-- I know enough to write 500 words on the subject with relative ease. The more difficult work is in creating a targeted presentation. I’ll likely send something through. Thank you very much!