Beginner UX Designer, needs your help!

Hello, I’m a beginner in UI/UX and currently started working as an entry-level UX Designer interactive and visual designer in a local tech company for a few weeks now. I have a question on how to properly start doing User research and competitive analysis, I have a quite experience in designing mock-ups, design thinking, wireframe and prototyping from my background as a Graphic Designer and a Junior Front-end developer.

Can you guys please share a template or a free video or blog about the proper process on doing a user research, competitive analysis and website auditing, I think that would be a big help in improving my skills.


User research has many different methods such as User interviews, questionnaires and surveys, user testing, analyzing data etc. The main point is to gather data from users and use that data to identify key points to integrate into the design

In order to understand how to complete an audit effectively, I would suggest you learn the 10 heuristics used to complete a heuristic evaluation. Also learn the best practices of all features and functions used on websites, information architecture etc. Neilson norman group has an endless amount of articles you can learn from which will cover everything you need to know. This has easily been the most effective source of information for me when it comes to UX.

Once you have a better understanding of those mentioned above the competitor research will be easy. Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the competition by documenting the stand-out features and fallbacks in the website’s design and usability.

Google all that you need to know and you will find many different results. You will find everybody does things the same but also a little differently. The point is, you will be able to identify the key methods that provide the most effective results.

All that you need to know is on the internet, google and youtube your desired topics to see the process walkthrough. And as mentioned above NNgroup articles and youtube channel will provide you with a lot!!

To stay ahead in your sector, it is essential to understand what your rivals are doing. Your company may wind up functioning in a digital silo if you are unaware of how your rivals are interacting online with your common target audience.

You may get a lot of information about your competitors’ websites to inform your own digital marketing approach. Continue reading for a detailed list of resources and tips you may use to research the websites of your rivals.

1. Identifying Competitors

2. On-page Analysis

3. Content

4. Lead Generation

5. Off-page Analysis

6. Off-page Analysis Tools