Beginner question: user testing methods

I am fairly new to UX design and have a question about testing.

what is the most common way to approach testing for a web agency or an app agency.

do they ask people from the street, are there own companies who offer testing or do they use online tools?


Depends on the target audience.

Hi Severin, @uxbeginner2 Welcome to the UX Mastery Community!

Testing is a very very vast area, and as Rachel says, it depends on your target audience, your objectives as well as the stage in which your product is.

If you are looking to test the usability of a product, you’d choose different testing methods and approaches. Likewise, if you’re testing ideas or prototypes, you’d use different methods. Each method has its pros and cons.

Here are some resources for you to understand the different test conditions:

I hope this helps, and happy testing :smiley: