BEFORE/AFTER review of my product web-site with clearer UVP


Hello All! I am a designer and developer of Design Arsenal productivity app.
I recreated its landing page because it had a problem: the unique value proposition (UVP) was not clear.

This concept of UVP and how you should state it comes from Running Lean book:

Focus on finished story benefits.
You’ve probably heard about the importance of highlighting benefits
over features. But benefits still require your customers to translate
them to their worldview. A good UVP gets inside the head of your
customers and focuses on the benefits your customers derive after
using your product.

So in the AFTER page I am now making clear what you gain after using my product:
“Design way fffffaster in Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch”

So I created the BEFORE and AFTER pages for comparison:

Do you guys think the AFTER is now better? Is the UVP clear now?


I think the banner on the new one is nicer. The rest is so similar to the before version, I don’t have an opinion on it.

I also don’t have an answer for you about UVP.


Hi Ramon, I looked at both designs, read all the descriptions/bullets and looked at the screenshots… And I’m still not 100% sure what your app does?

I’m a designer who uses sketch. Please explain to me if I downloaded your app, how would it allow me to design faster? I.e. what would I be able to do?


Thks for the feedback guys.
Essentially it is a font-manager + icon-manager + image-for-fills-manager.

It has a catalog of fonts, icons, patterns, so instead of googling for them, you do the search in my app, and can readily use the resource inside Sketch or Photoshop, no need to manually download them.

For example, for fonts, it has all Google Fonts available. If you want to use Open Sans, just search “Open Sans”, and to use it in Sketch, right-click the font, and choose to “Create a text layer” in Sketch, and does some magic to create the text layer almost instantaneously (a lot of time saved).

So it automates many steps required to get those resources inside your favorite design app.

It is hard to explain the concept. But the app is super simple and intuitive.

That is where the real value is: you have a single app/interface to search and all those resources.
You can add your own fonts, icons, …, to make the app track then for searching.

You know, normally those resource are scattered all over your projects and /Download folders :tired_face:


Hi Ramon, I think I get it now. It sounds like a good app!

Personally, I don’t feel that either design effectively communicates your UVP. Whilst ‘design way faster…’ is a good benefit, I feel it needs another one-liner/tagline to supplement it. Maybe you need to come at it from another angle? Designers are problem solvers. What problem is your app aiming to solve? What are designer’s pain points? Saving time is a good one, but it is also more convenient, more organised, all in one place etc

It could be worth ideating some taglines e.g. some quick ideas as a starter for 10 (not great, but u get the idea!)

  • all your design assets in one place
  • Manage your fonts, icons and images all in one place
  • Catalog of the best fonts, icons and images ready for you to use
  • no more disorganised design files.
  • 1000’s of fonts, icons and images ready to drag n drop into your designs
  • etc


Thks for feedback @lykc !
So, here is my new attempt with new taglines:


hi Ramon, to me, the top bit is a bit clearer but still needs some work. Also, this is only 1 person’s opinion, but I feel the whole page needs a bit of tidying/cleaning up. There’s a lot going on, especially within the blue section. I’d imagine it’s a bit intimidating for users and they might struggle to process all that info.

I’d say do some research. How do other sites list out their product features? Video? Slideshow? 1 or 2 at a time? etc Do you need 6 videos or will 1 consolidated video work better? Are people even viewing the videos currently?

I’d suggest simplifying as best u can on the homepage, then if the user wants to find out more, they can click through.

Also, I’d recommend for you to do some usability testing. Watch and observe users viewing your page and note down what they say.


Hey guys. I already published the updated version. I think I will stop optimizing the site and focus on marketing it a bit.
Anyone has suggestions for channels that I can try to promote it?