Bachelor's makes a significant difference in salary?



I hope you’re doing well! I’m a student with an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems and am considering quitting the path to a Bachelor’s degree to save money.

I know that a Bachelor’s degree isn’t really necessary to be successful in the UX design field, but say if I were to have one–would that make a significant difference in my salary versus entering the field without one? If so, how much of a difference would you say it would be?

It’s hard for me to make a decision in a career path, as I don’t enjoy programming, complex network infrastructures, nor find the IT field super motivating, but it’s the closest motivating thing I can find within an academic path that’s fairly lucrative.

Any insight/advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance!


I can’t say for sure, but it probably would.

A little depends on the company you work for. If you land with a smaller or startup company, it’s less likely to have an impact. If you land with a larger company, their HR departments usually have algorithms that they use to create a salary offer, and part of that is usually whether or not you have a degree.

I know people hate the “it depends” answer, but it’s truly the best I can give for your situation.


Hi there @evidstep It depends upon where you are applying for with your job. When I’m hiring UX folks in Australia, I tend to look at the person’s experience and how they think and approach problems, rather than relying on whether they have a degree or not.
Not sure if this helps at all!