Automatic linking in your research notes – is that useful?

I created a text editor that creates hyperlinks between pages automatically. Every time you mention a feature, a person or a company, the editor will create links to those entities while you are typing your research notes. After that you can quickly see all the pages that link to a certain feature. It’s kind of a synthesising research notes and creating your own Wikipedia on the go.

I am curious to hear any feedback from UX and user researchers on how you are synthesising your research. Is autolinking something useful that could make this more efficient?

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Hi Filip! Welcome to UX Mastery!

It looks like an interesting product you have there. Although I can’t comment much on the research synthesis aspect :thinking:, automatic cross-referencing would certainly be beneficial from a documentation point of view.

Hi Kasturika! Thanks for your comment. Documentation should be definitely improved with automatic cross-referencing.

I will leave a link to the editor in case others want to check it out →

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