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I want to know about Auto Suggest feature … What will be the ideal selection rate of suggestions on a site ? Selection here means if a user accept a suggestion from Auto Suggest options provided by site … Like while typing on google it suggests options …


hey @rahulsharmaemc2
what do u mean with auto-suggest?
Is it auto-complete or is it about suggestions while the user is entering values within a search field?


Yes sir, thanks to replying.
I mean it with the suggestion provided while typing in search box.


Auto-suggestion is a tricky animal. Unless there’s a very good reason to use it, I generally avoid doing so as evaluating and eliminating suggested choices generally ads to a user’s time to task completion and interaction costs.

The big question you need to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to implement an auto-completion/suggestion system is whether or not your users will be able to come up with useful queries on their own. If your system can be designed to suggest better or more effective queries based off user input, then it’s perhaps worth spending the time to engineer. Otherwise, you’re needlessly adding to interaction cost without any real benefit.

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Anyone having any insight on this.Please share…


hey @rahulsharmaemc2
I believe you have already enough content to think about.
Did you read the articles @dougcollins suggested?
What are your feedbacks regarding them?
There’s, already, something in there that can help you to figure out how to solve such task?