Authoring and Distributing content - quantitative metrics



Inside a company that creates and distributes content on its website and apps

Looking through Google Analytics with a couple of colleagues, I notice they regard much of the data to be largely useless for them. One is in content creation, the other in marketing. The metrics were largely there for reporting purposes, but no one was sure how it could help them.

one person said “there’s just so many variables at play… types of content, headlines and cover photos. how can any of this data be useful with all these considerations?”

another said “i think we have to have KPIs in mind first, and then we search for something that positively effects that”

What do ya’ll know about using traffic data?
how did you end up getting this knowledge?
can you recommend any reading, writers, companies to follow?


ps. i’ve come across Jeff Sauro from MeasuringU which I’m scanning for info.


The Google Analytics academy has some excellent learning material. I have a reasonable understanding of how it works from taking a couple of those free courses.