At what point in the project do you make UI elements/components?

At what point in a project do you usually make the design system / UI library?

When you’re in the phase of making a wireframe, do you start putting together components (i.e. buttons, forms, etc) so that you can design them in the next phase? Or do you make a wireframe from scratch, without creating any component, and then start creating UI elements after that?

I understand this really depends on where I work, the project, and who I’m working with, but it would be nice to know a workflow that I can start off with.

Thank you very much in advance.

I build prototypes in Axure so I create masters of anything that might be repeated straight away as it makes it easier to manage.

Visual design should definitely come later and should probably start from scratch. Do you know of Atomic Design? It’s a good way to go. Build full prototypes in low fi and then create reusable components in high def.

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Thank you very much!