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So, after a couple of weeks, here is the next “weekly” introducing thread. Please welcome the follow folks to our ranks!

@icnyc came here a few months ago looking for information and advice about UX Bootcamps. Since then, she’s enrolled in CareerFoundry and is enjoying the heck out of it. She’s currently working at an equity firm performing investor services. She says that she’s learning to listen to her clients and finding the best way to solve their problems; which she likes because that is a transferable skill directly into the UX world!

@mark_gregory22 joined us a couple of weeks ago and lives in a remote part of Australia. He’s been working as an architect for the last fifteen years or so and at the same time, for the last eight has been teaching design at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. He’s read a lot of stories about architects who have changed over to UX and recently decided to take the same plunge! As a result, he recently enrolled in the Interactive Design Foundation and is on the lookout for other courses.

@zenia_tsui came to us so that she could be part of a community and have people around to bounce ideas off of. She’s new to the field and recently completed a local boot camp, but only left with one project for her portfolio. She’s working toward putting together a more comprehensive portfolio to use. She has two or three projects in mind for a start. In fact, she’s already done some user interviews and personas for her first project, a website redesign.

@spartanuxdesign has just finished redesigning his portfolio because he’s looking for the next level opportunity. He joined us because he’s been having difficulty finding people and places to share his interest in UX. He’s passionate about UX and believes that his daily meditation practice helps with the empathy that is so important to good UX.

@simon_lash works for Randstad Canada (a staffing agency) and is here to learn more about career challenges faced by UXers, what UXers want in their career (more than salary), and to offer our industry insight from the perspective of hiring managers and talent acquisition. He says, “We understand that getting started is a huge challenge and a stressful period and we want to lend our industry expertise to ease this process. So, what I am offering is tech industry knowledge and support, in exchange for insight into the UX experience from the employee perspective. No job postings or anything sales-y but if anyone is interested in chatting about careers they should not hesitate to reach out!”


Welcome all!

@icnyc thanks for adding your thoughts to the bootcamp topic – it’s excellent to have updated info there.

@mark_gregory22 I’d love to hear how you’re finding the IDF course.

@zenia_tsui We’re happy to help with reviewing your portfolio projects if that’s useful.

@spartanuxdesign Hey John, I’ve been enjoying your thoughtful contributions around here. Thanks!

@simon_lash Super keen to see what you have to offer. :slight_smile:

All of you – I’d be really keen to know what your experience here has been like so far. Was signing up intuitive or otherwise? Did you find what you were looking for reasonably easily or could we do a better job of directing people when they first arrive?


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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m looking forward to getting to know the community. Everything was quite straightforward when I first arrived and this facilitated engagement has made things much easier. Just as a clarification for everyone, I don’t work as a recruiter but I work for a recruitment agency in Toronto, in a research and strategy capacity. The plan is to listen and learn and to jump in on some relevant convos to share the labour industry knowledge we have. As a leader in the tech labour space, we have amassed a ton of data & insight on the Canadian and Intl markets that I am happy to share!


Welcome. I look forward to your insights.
Kindest regards,


I found it quite welcoming actually. So thanks for the warm welcomes~ I’m in sketching stage right now but once I get something somewhat concrete, I will definitely make a post and ask for some feedback.


Yay! Glad to hear it.