Ask the UXperts: "What UX Practitioners Need to Know About Growth Hacking" with Laura Klein


Next up in our Ask the UXperts series, we’re talking about the crossover between UX and growth/marketing with Laura Klein.

I’m SO excited about this one – partly because I’ve just returned from a growth and conversion conference and can’t wait to pick Laura’s brains, and partly because we’re trying an all new format using Slack. Bring it on!

Laura has spent the last couple of decades as an engineer, UX designer, and product manager at startups and large companies in Silicon Valley. Her popular design blog, Users Know, helps teams learn more about their users and apply that knowledge to build better products.

She is currently an advisor to several small startups and consults with companies that want to improve their research, UX, and product development processes. She’s also the author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products (Rosenfeld Media '16).

So here are the session details:

[B]NOTE: To join the session, you will need to request an invite to our Slack channel. (This takes about 1 minute.)[/B]


If people have curly questions they’d like to ask Laura, we’d love to hear them. Getting them in advance may give her a chance to do some thinking for a good response before the chat. Plus, we always love hearing what kinds of questions people have!

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Reminder: This session is today (in just over an hour).
Hope you can join us!

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Today’s session with Laura was fantastic. It’s such a good topic, and there is a lot that UXers can contribute to it.

If you missed the chat, the transcript is available here:

We’re keen to keep the discussion flowing, and Laura has said she’ll dip into this thread when she can, so keep the questions coming.

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Yeah it looked like it went well! :slight_smile: How do you guys feel about the way it worked in Slack? Do you think that’s what you’ll use from now on for ask the UXperts sessions?


It was brilliant. 2 strong positives over Campfire - the content isn’t ephemeral so when new people join they can see what’s been said (and I don’t have to do that constant “Welcome if you’ve just joined…” spiel all the time. Secondly, you can see when someone is typing, so there aren’t those gaping holes where you wonder if they’re responding.

We’ll definitely use it for future sessions. We’re actually considering running a Slack session every fortnight. Alternating between AskTheUXperts and AskMeAnythings so that we can hear from people in the community that are doing interesting things (like yourself). Thoughts?

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Agreed! It was good being able to see when people were typing and I could come and go as I wanted to and easily see what I’d missed.

I think doing that fortnightly is a great idea! :grinning:

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Slack worked quite well! I was able to start the session at home, continue the dialogue during my train commute and finish it up at work. :ok_hand:

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As someone who has the dreaded time zone problem I was able to read back quickly and easily, so I thought it was superb. I also like how you created a specific channel for the AMA - I’ve seen other Slack groups that just have a general #ama channel, which makes it difficult to refer to later… although I guess you won’t have that problem as you transcribe things so well!


Thanks @Dean, that’s great feedback.

The plan is to create a new channel for each session, and then archive them after x months if things get cumbersome, and link back to the transcript.

Ha! That’s fantastic Matt. I was conscious of the community timezone for Australia so that’s a great outcome.

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