Ask the UXperts : User requirements – Unpacking what people say to find what they actually need — with Joe Natoli


Next up in our Ask the UXperts series, we’re talking with one of the most energetic and friendly UXers that I know. That person is Joe Natoli.

I’m really excited about the topic of this session, which is all about figuring out what people really want rather than what they just think they want (or what we think they want based on what they say). That’s a mouthful, but I think you get the idea. We’ll also touch on ways to find that sweet spot connecting user needs to business goals.

Joe Natoli is the author of Think First: My no-nonsense approach to creating successful products, memorable user experiences and happy customers. His online UX courses serve over 46,000 students, and he has consulted with and trained Fortune 500 and 100 organizations for nearly three decades. His articles, tips and advice can be found at

Session details

Where: Our dedicated ‘Ask Joe’ Slack channel
When: 4pm Wednesday 15 June PDT (6am Thursday 16 June AEST)
(or find out what time that is for you)

You can find out more about Joe and the session here.

If you can’t make the session, feel free to ask your questions here and we’ll put them to Joe on your behalf.

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Honored to be a part of this, and truly looking forward to it!!

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