Ask the UXperts on Slack?


We currently run our regular Ask the UXperts sessions in a Campfire chatroom. The experience isn’t great, but it was the best of a bad lot.
We’re thinking about moving to Slack. Those that have participated in an ATU before, what do you think? (Those of you that haven’t are also welcome to chime in, of course!)

Ping @Natalie_Eustace and @ASHM


I think that’s an awesome idea! Most of the time I come into those sessions on my phone on the way to work (no, I’m not the driver…) and Slack would be a better solution for mobile than what the campfire currently offers. I also sometimes forget when it’s on (usually when it’s 8am- 9am AEST) and with Slack you might be able to push me a reminder ?? Maybe??

I’d also be interested to hear what people who’ve been the UXpert in those sessions think.

You would have to figure out what to do when people send their questions via private message in Slack to your UXpert rather than in the channel itself but I think it’s doable.

I vote we try it out, see what happens and then go from there :slight_smile:


We’re thinking we’ll give it a go with Laura Klein in a couple of weeks. More info up tomorrow.