Ask the UXperts: Inclusive by design— with Erin Hoffman-John


Next up in our Ask the UXperts series, we’re talking about the ‘E’ word. Yup, ethics. We’re honoured to have Erin Hoffman-John in our Slack channel to chat with us about how the design choices that we make shape the spaces that we architect, and how important it is to make those choices inclusive.

Erin Hoffman-John is the Chief Designer and cofounder of Sense of Wonder, an independent mobile developer of “smart fun” games.

Previously she led game design at GlassLab, a Bill and Melinda Gates and Macarthur Foundation supported three-year initiative to establish integrated formative assessment educational games. Her game credits include Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy, Kung Fu Panda World, GoPets, and others. She is also the author of a fantasy trilogy with Pyr Books.

So here are the session details:

Where: Our dedicated ‘Ask Erin’ Slack channel
When: When: 4pm Tuesday 10 May PDT or 9am Wednesday 11 May AEST
(or find out what time that is for you)

You can find out more about Erin and the session here.

If you can’t make the session, feel free to ask your questions here and we’ll put them to Erin on your behalf.

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This session kicks off in 10 mins. Join us!

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