Ask the UXperts – Getting Started in UX


I’m excited to announce a new community initiative that we’ll be kicking off in February.
We call it [B]Ask the UXperts[/B] because that’s what we’re giving you the opportunity to do.

Ask the UXperts is a series of free online text-based chat sessions, each running for approximately an hour and featuring an expert in some aspect of UX. The sessions will take place in our Campfire chatrooms. (Note: these are text based chatrooms, there is no audio.)

First up we have the lovely Jodie Moule answering all your questions about how to get started in UX. That could be anything from where to start learning to how to put together a great portfolio.

[B]Join the session here on Wednesday 19th Feb at 12:30pm PST [/B]or find out what time it will be at your place [URL=“”]here.


I’m excited about this! Luke and I will be on the road when this happens, but we’ll have internet access at the time so will be there with bells on. Jodie is a fountain of information and enthusiasm, so I’m looking forward to seeing what questions she gets asked and what advice she has for us all!


A quick reminder that this is taking place tomorrow. You can join the chat here.


Well that was loads of fun! Thanks everyone for participating. We’ll get a transcript of the chat up soon.

If your question didn’t get answered, or you’d like to continue the conversations, why not start a new thread here in the forum? We’d love to hear your UX story


Here’s tha transcript of today’s Ask The UXperts, if you missed this session.