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[SIZE=12px]We promised you the chance to grill our very own Luke, in an [B]Ask Luke Anything[/B] session, and we’re delivering on that promise now![/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]Luke will answer any question you dare to throw at him, live and uncensored.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]This is your chance to find out what it’s like to co-found a successful start-up, or to pick his brains on your latest UX challenge, or even to find out what his go-to dinner party recipe is. Personally, I’m going to be asking him that age old question “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?”[/SIZE]
[]Where: Right here! Post your question in this thread and Luke will answer them live during the session
]When: [B]5pm Tuesday 18 August PDT or 10am Wednesday 19 August AEST[/B]
[/LIST] [SIZE=12px]If you can’t make it for the session, no problem, post your question here any time from now and we’ll make sure it gets asked. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]And take note – [B]there are spot prizes[/B] for the best and funniest questions*

*only applies to questions asked live during the session[/SIZE]


I’m so looking forward to it!

Incidentally, we really did used to have horse-sized ducks here in Australia. No kidding. And yes, they co-existed with humans for several thousand years. See:

Start loading up your questions in this thread if you can’t make it during the actual session!



I’m not going to be able to make it to the session :frowning:

Here are my questions:

If the zombie apocalypse started right now, how long do you think you’d survive and why?

Would you rather eat 100 live caterpillars or 100 live crickets and why?

If you could go back in time and witness any event in history up close what would it be?

What is the most revolting thing you have ever eaten?

What’s your favorite daytime TV show?

Have you ever regifted something?

Would you rather be eaten by a lion or a shark and why?

Looking forward to reading the transcript!


Ok people, Luke is just taking a deep breath in preparation for this roasting.
If you have questions, post away. In the mean time, Luke can get started on responding to Ash’s first question, which is a biggie…


Hi Everyone! I can’t see who exactly is here, but I know a lot of you have come to join us, judging by the emails and tweets that have just gone out.

Say hi or post your question and I’ll get right into it!


Hi Luke, for those of us new to this, would you be able to give a 2 sentence introduction about yourself?


For anyone new to this - note that you’ll need to refresh to see Luke’s answers, and that he’ll be posting them as a comment on the original post, rather than as a new post.


Thanks for the introduction Luke. I’m quite new into the world of ux. Been working in a digital agency for two years as a designer. I’m interested in interaction design but just really now discovering this subset of ux. What are your thoughts on the importance of interaction design and is this a role you find comes into your every day work?


I have one @Lukcha

We get a lot of questions here on the forum about finding a UX mentor.

What would be your top tips?


Sorry to ask lots of questions! But I had another one. Do you know any good meetups in Melbourne for UX-ers? Are you leading any?


I have noticed that often clients are unaware of the importance of the ux process. In my current agency I have been designing some digital processes for us to run through with the client to almost educate them whilst building up a quote. I find most clients expect certain types of care to be taken to a project but do not quite understand the work that goes into creating that. Do you have this problem or do people? How do you deal with justifying your quote and the process to the client?


hi hi hi, I am Leo, new around the forum :wink: learning UX (I am a graphic designer,) (I don’t know if I am too late…(from the other side of the world (cayman islands)

mi little question for [SIZE=12px]Luke[/SIZE]:[U] I cannot choose between UI design/interaction VS UX Design…how I can mix between the 2 and do what I love?[/U] or what skills I can add to my tool-set…??

what I love: graphics! interfaces, icons, 3d, animation,…what I hate "UX research"
but I love to get new skills for the new markets nowadays…this is why I am learning UX, but, I don’t want to be a “researcher” I need new skills to get a job and/or freelancing
there is any skill, job, position, that I can do? related to UX, or inside and UX - digital agencies…but more toward graphics?


What do you find the most challenging part of your day to day job?


Thanks @visualbug and @leighrubin for your great questions. You’ve won yourselves a spot prize! Email me your name and postal address to hawk at :slight_smile:


thanks Luke and hawk, I just checking the forum is awesome to have a place to talk about UX, I will think more question down the road…just learning now :wink:

just reading about[U]UI design and interaction design , [/U]and looks that this is exactly what I was looking for!!! thanks Luke, for the tips and info…‘T-shaped professional’ , I like that, I will keep investigating this topic further, thanks again! for now I am clear of where I am going!


Thanks so much to everyone for your questions and for coming along to watch the show. Hawk and I have had fun, and I’ve enjoyed a few head-scratching moments!

Keep the questions rolling in - Matt, Hawk and I are always available to help, so let us know, either here or in a new thread here in the community forums. =)


Hi Luke, I’m curious to hear some insights on AB Testing within an e-commerce environment, what areas to focus on from your point of view and any trials and tribulations you have had. Also, what is your process for guerrilla testing and user testing in general?


I have another question:

entry level or junior, salary…at lot of jobs offers but I have no idea, as a entry level UX or UI designer, or ixd, which can be a fair salary, specially in the UK (london, yes this is my future target), and Europe, (I know that in USA the pay is more in the famous bay area…

and freelancing too, for example: I have a friend that want me to do the UX-UI for an iphone app, but I have no idea how much charge ;(
is mobile UX-UI more expensive than web design ?


thank you very much,

is a nice way to see salary, getting experience and now that UX is in demand, right now, finally companies are aware of the importance of their users!


have you ever work in UX for video games?