As a user of a travel advice site, what information would be of use or importance to you



I am currently working on a project and would like any help with regards to user journey on a travel advice page. I am using this page as a reference and wondering how best to adapt it to what I am working on. Thank you in advance


Hi there,
Welcome! Happy to help, but are you able to share a bit more about your brief?
What is your ultimate goal and who are you designing it for?


Hi Sarah, thank you for your help. I am new to ux and trying to build up my portfolio. I was given this as a task for the foreign office and the main goal is to re-structure the page for new or frequent travellers who are looking for information about the country of visit. I first need to identify the user needs in the format - As a …I want/ I need / so as to. Thanks


As someone who doesn’t travel anywhee near as much as I would like, the main things I would want official advice for would be Visa requirements, recomended vaccinations and safety advice.

If I wanted weather, reviews, recommendations or anything like that I would buy a rough Guide or go to a holidays website.


In addition to what @rachelreveley has said above, I feel a user will look for means of transportation and commuting facilities available and how to access them from the airport/ railway station/ etc. for e.g. cab services, bus routes, metro, subway - any mobile apps available that one can download before starting travel.

Also, as a user I might be interested in the essential things to carry to support the current weather at the destination. Be it boots, clothes, winter wear or the like.

If the site allows people to register, you can have a field “Have travelled” under user profile to allow people to add places where they have travelled. Their names can display on the destination page (developers can take care of the logic and taxonomy). This way, first time travellers can take help of experienced travellers (will help to have a quick chat/ message box).


@tina_bajaj brings up some great points.

I spent a lot of time traveling last year, and had a few things I’d always on when I’d go to new destinations. I’m not sure all are appropriate to your project, but at least they may help you spark some ideas.

  • Visa requirements.
  • Safety warnings, including whether or not it was safe to be alone outside after dark and trouble areas to avoid. For women, this often included whether or not it was appropriate or wise to always travel with a companion.
  • Car rental guidelines. Some places suggested either not renting a car at all, renting an SUV to make sure there weren’t any difficulties navigating crappy roads, or renting a small car to make getting around the small streets possible.
  • Cultural and ediquette information, IE tipping, bowing vs. shaking hands, etc.
  • Currency information and availability. This includes the safety of using ATMs.


I always look for places to store suitcases (I always seem to have hours between checking out of my hotel and catching my plane home) and maps of ‘safe’ places to walk (I come from a country where there isn’t much homelessness and I feel very nervous/confronted when I accidentally walk into those parts of other cities).

Is this the kind of info you were hoping for @nophillie – or did you want guidance around laying out the page etc?