As a newbie, what the are things that I should learn first in this career?



Hi! I am a newbie in UX Dev/Design. I worked as a Web devolper and programmer before and currently working as a QA. When the first time I heard of UX developer/designer a couple of weeks ago I took a research what the UX developer/designer is doing, then I found out that this role(UX developer/designer) is what I am looking for and how I wished I had heard this 8 years ago.

I am consindering now a career change but before jumping into this career I want to ask what are the things I should learn first in this field? I believe most of you guys are experienced UX developer and some are already expert. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Hey @roi_france_marcial – welcome. :slight_smile:

We have a couple of excellent ‘getting started’ resources that will give you a good foundation of information.

The UX Mastery Community’s Own Guide to Getting Started In UX

And our How to Get Started In UX article (which is a short version of our ebook - discount voucher coming your way via email).

@SteveCrow is at a similar stage in the getting started process as you, but has done a lot of research so would be a great person to ask questions.


Hi @HAWK ,

Thank you very much for the response and info for starters you have shared. Will look forward to learn those materials and tips. Every time I hear the word “UX” and “design” I feel optimistic and having found a new vigor, though I am aware that there are lots of challenges and sometimes things are not easy too. I believe this career is perfectly fit for people to have a creative mind and will continue to flourish. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


That’s so nice to hear. I’m excited for you!


Thanks @HAWK. :slight_smile: