Areas of expertise


Hey all,
We’re doing some work on our registration process and as part of that we’d like to collect some basic info about your areas of expertise so that we can generate relevant content, organise useful Ask the UXperts sessions, help you network with peers, create groups etc.

One example of such an area is UX researchers.

What other expertise areas do you think would be important to include?


Obviously UX unicorns! :smirk:


So when you say expertise is that skills or industry or both? I think user research is very broad and while I’m a user researcher I’m more adept at usability testing than say interviewing and have more experience in education and government than finance.

I also love designing and have been known to write code but I wouldn’t call myself a unicorn (yet) @kwedo


You’re absolutely right Libby, that’s a label only your peers should be allowed to give - on the other hand wouldn’t that immensely complicate implementation and render this “expertise area” useless?


Yes I believe it would. Your reply made me chuckle though as I just sent an opportunity through to my manager posted on our own Australian Government Digital Marketplace and ‘unicorn’ was exactly the word I used. It’s here if you want a bit of a laugh -

@HAWK - sorry I just highjacked your post!


hi @HAWK
from my side, I can tell you on what I am up to lately.
I am managing the company design system and especially the Design guidelines (UX concepts, UI examples, IxD patterns) to allow developers and customers to better understand how to use our framework.
Is this answer fitting your question?


I’d say skills. If you have the knowledge to answer someone’s questions on a topic that would be enough – regardless of whether you’ve actually worked in the industry.


Would you consider an industry such as medical device development?


Hey there!
I think that’s probably a bit TOO specialised for the purposes of this. To date we’ve never had a question about medical device development! I wonder if we could have a catch-all category for very niche specialties though.


Visual Designers, Interaction designers… ?


As niche specialties are the topic of my first book, I’d love to see this. I’m aware, however, that’s a very selfish stance :slight_smile: