Are you thinking of doing a degree in UX?


Kim has done the hard yards and put together a comprehensive list of UX degrees and qualifications. Thanks Kim!


That was really useful. Thank you.


TU Delft in the Netherlands is hugely respected, they have some courses for sure, eg -


That list was awesome! Well, I intend to do some master degree in human interaction design, maybe in Holland or Sweden, next year. But, I’ll see. There’s plenty of time to think over it. And I want to search all the possibilities.


I agree, the UX Degrees list is very helpful. If only I studied digital media or interaction design when I was going undergrad :frowning:


Don’t despair Mike. Degrees can be useful, and we compiled that list because people have been asking for something like that. But personally if I was given the chance of 3 years of studying UX vs 3 years of doing it, I would take the latter every time.


I am signed up to take the Experiential Design Certificate at Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco California. It’s not accredited, but is a great organization and the classes are solid. I have a background in design, so don’t think I need a degree, so this seems like a good fit for me.


While I have no desire to go back to school from a financial standpoint (10 years later and still paying back student loans), I’m curious to see what Jared Spool’s Centre Center is going to be like.