Are there UX degrees that focus on physical products?


I’m interested in consumer products, and have always been particularly interested in the functionality of those products. It seems like the UX degrees I’ve seen are more focused on software, which I find interesting as well… But I’m curious if anyone knows a master’s program that is focused on consumer products.


UX almost always has some kind of digital component to it, even if there are more physical elements as well. However, my HCI program also included some Human Factors work. You might take a look at that field. If not that, then perhaps product design.

Though to be honest, is is somewhat strange that UX should focus on the digital. Many of the research and design techniques could be used for products in general.


@AshleaMcKay You might be good at answering this one? :slight_smile:


I’ve seen it listed as Industrial Design, Product Design or just as a Design degree with the focus on Industrial/Product/Digital etc. I know RMIT have one.


This is spot on. My under grad degree is in Industrial Design and that’s exactly what that it is. Industrial Design is technically the design of anything that can be manufactured but courses tend to include a lot more and are heavily focused on the user experience of those physical products.


It is odd how UX is so often focused on digital when there are so many issues in the real world.

Just this morning I was stood in a queue trying to figure out why the gateways at my local train station where set up to force non ticket holders exiting the station to cross paths with people entering twice. in order to exit.