Are here any people who would like to give a lecture on conference in Krakow, Poland?


That’s a very casual question.

I’m just exploring an idea of inviting speakers from abroad for the conference we’ll be organizing.

It’s supposed to be about UX but with focus on the practicality. Meaning, we don’t want people to talk about theory, but rather about their experiences, the cases they worked on, the fuckups, the lessons they learnt. So each lecture would need to have a strong message. E.g. the design process that’s described in books vs. the design process that I use in my work, why I decided to change it, what are the outcomes.

So… anyone?


I’d be interested. Also, I work at Balsamiq and might be able to get them to do a sponsorship. I know some other people that might be interested in speaking as well.


That’s amazing! I’ll contact you in private message. Thanks!


hey @mag_sobieszuk
I do love to join design conferences
let’s have a talk about it :slight_smile: