AR project--does anyone have any experience with these?

I’ve been assigned my first app AR project–I’m both excited and nervous as I haven’t had AR experience before but have always wanted to dive into it.

I’m in the discovery phase right now and am having trouble finding real life examples of existing apps that use AR to help customers fill out forms or understand what they’re looking at. I’m also a bit crippled because I’m not very knowledgeable on the technical background/feasibility of AR as well.

Does anyone have any advice or apps they can share? Anything will be appreciated!

Firstly I would advise to use full words before abbreviations. Its pretty common for people to just pretend they know what your talking about when using abbreviations.

Secondly I would advise really defining the user problem. From what you said its got something to do with forms?

Thirdly if AR means augmented reality… then your paving the way my friend! I cant imagine there are many interface standards defined yet. Think outside the box.

Hi Rei, I have worked on a few AR apps, one was a little bit useful, and the others were a bit gimmicky – because people running the project were excited about the technology itself, but weren’t really thinking about how it could actually benefit the users.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the problem you are trying to solve – what the user’s needs are and why the business thinks AR will be useful?

Personally I find things like AR and AI just total rubbish. But I find 99.9% of mobile apps rubbish.

However Im not the norm and we are living in a world with demand on such technology. You will be fine, just make sure you know AR inside out and if not sit a lot of online ourses etc. I have a membership that I borrow and its very useful for getting to know things fast.

Are you running this as a formal software project? Obviously don’t forget the word user.

Best of luck