App mockup feedback

Hello everybody, I’m Mattia, a product designer and programmer getting, lately (4+ months), more and more into the UX world in order to apply for some possible internships.
Despite my experience, I’d like to have some feedback from people who knows about graphic design way better :slight_smile:
Long story short, “Keuhko” (this, the name of the app) is an app connected to a lamp I designed for a studio a year ago and allows, through the AQI sensor inside the lamp, the monitoring of air pollution levels according to the values ​​recorded.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate that.

Hey Mattia, welcome.

Can you clarify what it is that you want feedback on?

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The lack of contrast between the background and text makes it very hard to read.

Also, what is the use-case for this app? How do you see it helping or being useful to people?

Hello @HAWK, I apologize for the question at this point, I realized it could be off-topic maybe.
I just thought it was possible also to get feedback and to discuss about the aesthetic and the other choices regarding more the graphic design aspects.

Hei @lykc , thanks for your answer, I will work on colors.
So the idea behind the project (the lamp itself first and then the app) is to guarantee immediate feedback on the air quality to its users, since this designed to be placed in garden or open spaces.
When the CO2 level exceeds the set limit, the user gets an immediate feedback / notification.
I attached the User persona study as well.
Thanks again,

I’m not your target market, but there are a few things I don’t get.

  • why does the user need to setup a profile if the app only provides a pollution report?
  • why would users need/want to view historical data?
  • if the pollution is high, what can the user do?
  • the stats don’t mean anything to me. Would your target audience understand it?
  • how does your app help your persona with her goals, and how does it solve her frustrations?
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Further ideas on top of what @Lykc said, have a look at this excellent wiki article on air quality, this is a cool idea but you could take it one step further to provide more actionable information!


  • The user seems to have a choice between one summary number with no further explanation, or a wall of charts - consider the kind of level of information provided by popular weather apps!
  • Agree with statements regarding contrast, particularly the chart intensive screens on the lower left.
  • The pollution map feature seems a bit unclear - is there some sort of indicator on the map?
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Hello Joshua, thanks to your and @lykc 's advices, I made some necessary improvement.

  1. I removed the profile screen, since it was clearly unnecessary;
  2. I removed the historical data and made the pollution polls and charts more understandable and intuitive;
  3. I set a range of activity that user might want to consider based on the AQI levels;
  4. I changed the color in order to make everything indeed more clear;

These are the screens now :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the time , take a look if you might have time