App for vegetarians or vegans


Hello Everyone:)

My name is Queena Wang, I am thinking of creating an app for vegetarians or vegan, if you are vegetarian or vegan, in order to better help people like you, let me know more about you, here’s the link:

If you would like to chat, about the challenges or obstacles that you are facing as vegetarian or vegan, feel free to shot me an email:)

Thanks soooo much!!


Done! I’d be really interested in knowing the results of your research and checking out the app.
Do shoot me an email if you need help with anything more like usability tests, or beta testers, or even UX Design.

  • Vedanth


hi @queenawzq
I’m curious about the main goal of this app.
Let keep us posted on it!

Good luck


Hi @dopamino
Thanks!!! the goal is to encourage more people to become vegetarian or vegan, and support people who’s already vegetarian or vegan to overcome challenges:)


That’s a fantastic goal!
I really hope you will succeed in your project. This world needs, as much as possible, cruelty-free food :slight_smile: