Anyone take the courses on idf before?


There’s plenty of courses on interactions design foundation.
Anyone took some before? How do you feel
The price looks acceptable…i mean compare with other…


Hi Ky,

I have taken the courses myself. If you are looking for a cheap option that has a ton of information with a good structure and a large amount of different topics, I would definitely look into it as its a good starting point for learning UX.

If you’re looking for boot camp quality start to finish full career support and job placement, than I would suggest somewhere else as its more closely related to a site like or Udemy.

The largest differences are its all strong UX courses with interactive quizzes and a interactive community. You get Certs as you pass each course which might be useful in the future also. It’s also got a nice library of material which is super useful! Quite honestly I was attracted to it for the price but I am now going to pay to put myself through a boot camp because I want to career change.

Please let me know if you have any other questions



Hi Kaiyao,

I just had an informational interview with a UXD friend I met through a UX meetup. She highly recommended joining IDF for the quality of the classes.

Its the next thing on my list!

Good luck,



Are you still thinking about joining the IDF and taking those classes? If you get the UX Booth newsletter, I just saw that they have a coupon in there for 3 months free (you have to pay for 12 months at once, so you’ll essentially only pay for 9 months at once). The rate is $8 for students and $13 for professional level. Both get free access to the classes.

Hope you can use it!

~ Marie