Anyone played with Origami?


Facebook built a prototyping tool called Origami, and released it for free. It’s how they mocked up interactions for Paper, their most recent app.

I’m pretty keen to install it and try it out, but I think you need an Apple Developer license to get it. I think it’s about $100/year. I had one of these once upon a time, when I was experimenting with building iPhone apps, but it has since expired.

There’s a good write-up of Origami here.

Has anyone experimented with this? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.


I haven’t tried it so this is slightly OT, but how amazing does Paper look??? I am pretty disappointed that we can’t get it here.


It’s not difficult to get yourself a US iTunes account. Not that I would be condoning falsification of address information, but I quite like my 90210 post code…