Anyone know where I can find phone hardware templates to show off work?


I can’t seem to find any website that has hardware templates to show off my work on a hardware phone. For example If I have an iphone 6 mockup that I want to put on an iphone template for iphone 6 so it can fit perfect, I don’t see any template that is 375px in width.


Really, I found quiet a few scattered all over the web! Here’s one I used for a Sketch project when I was practicing wireframing an iPhone 6 app - are you looking for something different? Just search for free iPhone wireframe on the old Google!


I mean the screen has to be 375px in width. My design is 375px so I would like to fit it perfectly into an iphone 6 template.


This one I posted is - the inner “screen” on this template is 375 pixels wide by whatever the correct height is, I forget at the moment the vertical height in pixels but it’s correct for an iPhone 6


Yea I see now, thanks. Do you know if there is one with the hardware normal look and material?


Yes there are many free one’s with different looks available online, or you might try taking a picture of an iPhone yourself and editing it in something like Photoshop to the correct size.


@ralphc-nyc - I took some time to create these for you, should be what you want!



Also, if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, there are lots of device templates in the Creative Cloud Market that you can use.


@chrisux I didn’t know that - thanks Chris!


Hey, thanks for these!