Anyone know of a site with research already done?

Does anyone know of a site that maybe has a list of things already researched by others?

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Hi ya,
What kind of research for what kind of things?

I guess research related to problems for any topic really. I am having a hard time finding people myself to do user interviews. No luck in facebook groups or forums.

The problem is that I think there is a lot of research, it just isn’t published most of the time since this research is done for specific companies which don’t like to share it.

For example, if I share all my results of my A/B tests I’m currently doing there is a big change our competitors would see this as well and take advantage of it (I would do the same of course).

Besides, that research can be very specific, so I won’t give any indication on how it will work out for you.

Is it results as these that you’re looking for?

Here’s some.

Study academic writings, they have a lot of references to studies.
Also don’t forget most usability research is not done just for the quantitative result, but brings qualitative insights and a benefit of exposing the company to its clients.

anything by, some paid


This is close to it, thanks for that link.