Anyone interested in Joining the course?



Hi Everyone,

I am thinking to enroll in this course but it seems too expensive for an individual.
So is anyone else interested to join in and we can split the price?

P.S. Already got 1 person on board! :v:

Course -

Looking forward :slight_smile:


I am interested :stuck_out_tongue:


We happen to live in the same city as well :sweat_smile:
Can you share your contact no.?


Do this over DM please. :slight_smile:


Already done in DM :slight_smile:


Sorry, new here. Where do I do DM? I went to my setting, inbox and did not see “create” and been looking around to find how to do a DM. Any tips please? Thanks


Please DM!


Kindly DM your email id @mariannemiller80


I’ve read many of the course owner posts and I can see how this course can be helpful. But how do you plan to manage the shared subscription? The price includes communication in Slack, answers, and reviews as far as I can see. I would probably be interested in joining but I don’t understand this part.


@mariannemiller80 - Click on dewan’s user name. It will take you to their profile. At the top of the page, in the upper right hand corner, you should see a “Message” button. Click there and you should be able to send a direct message. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.



you’re thug


That’s a good thing, right? :wink:


Of course :grin:


@mariannemiller80 @AnLev, let me make this easy for you guys.
[Email redacted – I’ll send to Marianne] – Hawk
Shoot me an email and let’s take things forward fast :):v:


The idea is nice, but I think I’ll pass, sorry


No problem, feel free to get in touch if you change your mind in future :slight_smile:


Erik Kennedy, the creator of this course, is an independent UX designer. He relies on the money he makes from this extensive course to pay the bills. How would you like it if you were the creator of this course and people were splitting the cost? You’d be making less money. Pay the money and support independent creators. It’s the right thing to do.