Anyone ever used Zoom for remote user testing?

I am looking to do some remote user testing and was wondering if anyone used zoom before? I know users can share their screen but can you record their voice/video and what they are doing on the screen too?

Yes! A few of my colleagues use Zoom, it works well. I’ve done it with Google Meet (aka Google Hangout) and recorded with Quicktime.

Skype allows you to share screens as well. As sfung mentioned quicktime is a good tool for recording audio/video or both.

I’m currently using zoom for this exact purpose. I can screen share and record audio/video. The only downside is that when you screen share, you can not see the other person’s mouse movements (say if you wanted them to interact with a prototype.) It’s still good though and my preferred tool at the moment.

Does quicktime also pick up someone’s mouse movements?

Yes it records everything that you can see on the screen.
Should mention though that I haven’t tried recording audio on my laptop at the same time as making a call from it. I’m sure it would work fine and record both yours and your mates voices but best give it a try first.