Anyone else doing the Global Service Design Jam

Starts 6pm at AUT auckland but is nearly everywhere
Am going as a big learning curve and to get practical advice :slight_smile: as it seems a good place to start.
cheers everyone

Wow. looks interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts afterwards.

BTW, welcome to the community, from a fellow kiwi.

Wow, this does look amazing. Annette, we would love a debrief of your experience after it’s over. Have fun!

For those of you in Melbourne, the Jam Melbourne crew are posting updates on their Facebook page:

If you’re interested in following or participating in a Jam near you, check out the list of participating global locations here:

I didn’t know about this, but bizarrely enough I was having coffee in Amsterdam yesterday afternoon, and was approached by two guys who were doing research for their project! It was a strange coincidence, but it was fun being interviewed, rather than being the one asking the questions.

Hey Guys it was heaps of fun in Auckland learnt so much and have started to get the process into my head…

Would love to do it again next year, am thinking of doing this in a few days but not sure if I have the 4-5 hours a week but it seems a great idea. Anyone else tried this last year, as I am finding the more I do the more sense it makes. I think the deadline is the end of the month.

Hello Annette,

I was a member of the winning team for Bangalore Service Jam 2014. Our topic was “How to enable safe travel in urban places during night?”. Pictures available on Facebook. Great event!

Cool! What was your number one takeaway?

Sure Matt. The link to the photos is at