Anybody got some good links showing the Financial Benefits of good UX practice?


Hi guys,

I’m pitching to my boss to permit some basic UX testing on our website, it will be an easier sell if I can show some simple examples of the benefits or good UX.
I like to show a real world example if possible.
Maybe a simple A/B test showing that using user to make the decision increased conversions.
OR even just a process showing user getting stuck at points in their red route and how identifying and fixing this helped the bottom line.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Paddy, it’s an important question, and one we’re always on the lookout for examples of. Real world examples are hard to come by as many organisations aren’t transparent about before/after.

An often referenced example is Jared Spool’s “$300 million Button” that was published in Luke Wroblewski’s “Web Form Design” book. You can also find a copy on the UIE site at I’ll do a bit more digging and let you know what I can find.

There are also some great resources for discussing the value of UX in general:
[]Susan Weinschenk (a behavioural psychologist working in UX for quite a while) has a great YouTube video giving an overview of Return on Investment (ROI) for UX work. It’s in a lovely sketchnote format too -
]Human Factors International (a large user-centred design agency/company) offers some ROI calculators for web and app projects -
[*]Don Norman (author of The Design of Everyday Things) talks about designing to your stengths -
[/LIST] But be aware of the counter-arguments too: user-centred, not user-led -


There are a few useful case studies showing benefits collected here;

and here;

Also some useful links if you dig through this - - SO thread and this - - LinkedIn discussion.

Hope this info proves useful :slight_smile:


Thanks Guys, great links. P


This one’s a bit fun, showing A/B testing and the difference in conversion rates. It doesn’t necessarily show good UX versus bad UX, but shows the value of adjusting the user experience to get better results!


Just a quick FYI…the link to the ROI calculators has changed. Those tools are now located here:


Thanks for that Maggie. I’ve updated the initial post.


I’ve found that nothing motivates a stakeholder quite like watching a user or two try to do something (seemingly simple) on the companies app or website, and fall flat on their face. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d create a scenario for some users to go through (signup flow, and a few tasks post signup is usually a good setup), then pay for 5 users to go through the flow on Select the two most painful videos out of the bunch, and then schedule a 30 min meeting with your boss. Sit with your boss and watch both of the videos all of the way through.

My point is, rather than point to external articles, drive it home where it hurts the most (your own user experience). :slight_smile: