Any UX Events or Meet-ups in Sydney Dec-Jan?


Hi all, I’m heading to Sydney for Christmas for a month, be mostly in Sydney. I know its holiday time there an a lot of thing close down. If any body knows of any UX related events or meet-ups on let me know. Would really appreciate it. Be there from mid Dec to Mid Jan. Thanks Paddy


Hey Paddy

If other meetup organisers are anything like us, now is probably a little too soon to be advertising and planning an event. As it gets closer to the date, I’m sure plenty of events will start appearing on For now, there are a couple listed, although I’m not sure if the dates suit you:
[]IxDA Sydney
]Product Mavens
[/LIST] Definitely search for “UX” and “design” on Meetup once you arrive, and you should find something.

And let us know if you manage some time to head down to Melbourne. We’d love to catch up!


Hi Matt,
Thanks for those, I’ll keep an eye on the updates. Not sure if I can get Melbourne unless my in-laws kick me out.