Any tips for writing research participant recruitment screeners?


One of the best ways to guarantee quality results from your user experience research is to recruit the right kind of people for your studies. But finding the right participants? That can be a frustrating logistical challenge. Participant screeners are a vital step in UX research design so you can filter through potential recruits and find your target users. 

Amanda Stockwell shares her best tips to write screeners so you only recruit users who will provide valuable insights for your product.

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Great article, thanks Amanda!

The “but don’t make it too easy” section is so true. It’s eery how people get an accurate gut-feel for what they know you want to hear. They’ve put themselves forward as a research participant, and they really want the gig so will do whatever they can to get in. I like the suggestions you’ve included for easily avoiding this, to be able to get the right participants.