Any tip for effectively recruiting participants for user research?

I’m currently in user research stage of my project and I’m handing out screener survey. It’s a very short survey, only have 10 questions and it’s on product that most people use as well. It’s been a few hours now since I post it on my social medias but no one has participated in.

Are there any great tips out there that would help me get more people to participate ?

It’s great that you have kept it short. Providing an incentive will greatly increase your chances of participants engaging with your research. Time is precious!

Hi, I would like to participate too!

Please send me the survey if the time is not finished yet!

Hey Kayla, you can send me the link if you need more participants!

If you have the option, it gives you a discount on a service or product. It will definitely work.

Hi !
Sorry for late reply.
Here’s the link:

Thank you!

Thank you for being interested in helping! here’s the link

We give people a £50 voucher for an hour of work and make the requirements clear upfront. I use social networks based on IRL networks and get plenty of volunteers as everyone needs more money. Also if the screener is 10 questions ling even before the research, that seems very specific.

You must make it very short, that will help out in opportunities of engage research.