Any interest in a weekly UX Podcast?


I’ve been thinking about starting up a regular, weekly UX podcast to discuss the good patterns we see out there, get some interviews with experts, and even talk about how to take on the challenging aspects of finding a career in the UX world.

What would y’all think? Any interest in seeing something like this out there? Any suggestions for topics you’d like covered?


Honestly Doug,

I’m a huge pod cast person, mostly one particular fantasy football podcast and a handful of gaming podcasts. i’ve tried to get into some UX podcasts but they were way above my head. If you started something i’d 100% listen :slight_smile:


I am newbie, but I would listen!!!


I’d love to listen to a UX podcast :grinning:




Sounds like I’d have at least… four listeners. That’s 4x’s as many people as I am, which makes it an interesting endeavor!

I’ll get it setup and let y’all know when I get the first podcast ready to roll :slight_smile:


Yeah! the perfect complement for my afternoon running :grinning:


Hi Doug,

Not a bad idea for a newbie trying to break into the field. I am a avid listener to a variety of podcasts, especially UX podcast, such as: The UX Intern, The UX Blog, User Defenders, DN FM, etc.— to name just a few. In fact, if you just search for ‘UX podcast’ in the iPhone Podcast store you will be bombarded with a ton of them.

I really enjoy the interviews from many of the different sources, most are certainly inspiring; however, I guess I’d be interested in hearing more tactical approaches to UX design, i.e. more tutorial. I am curious if you could provide us with a future itinerary of what will be presented.

Regardless, this is just an idea, it is awesome either way!



Hi Doug,

Yes please! I love podcasts.

Two podcasts I’m catching up on are Dollars to Donuts and UX Podcast. Some of it is over my head when it gets technical and jargon-y but I thoroughly enjoy the interviews. It’s great to get an insider’s take on a company’s process, how a person got started (career path), what hiring managers look for, challenges ux designers/researcher face, etc.

Both are produced well (no crazy music and rambling intros) and solid questions. The best are conversational, focused, and have great follow-up questions.

Keep us posted. I’m sure you’ll get way more interest once its out in the wild :wink: